Admissions Reporting FAQ

At what point in the application process are the "Legal Custody" and "Custody Status" fields assigned?

When the Primary Household parent or Additional Household parents are added in inquiry or application form, they are set with legal custody of the child. Additionally, legal custody and custody status are set when a new person is added and the candidate's relationship to that person is set as Son, Daughter, or Ward.

How is the data being calculated on the Admissions Dashboard?

The Admissions Dashboard is a great tool used to see an overview and statistics of your admissions data for the current admissions year and compares it to the data of the previous two admission years. It can be found in the Reports Section of the Admissions Homepage, under the “External Links” Header.

The years shown on the dashboard represent the “Applying For” years, so all data is relative to the item being reported on based on the  “Year Applying For”. This means that the “Totals” charts are reporting on the following data points relative to the “Year Applying For” on the given Inquiry/Application/Visit records found in your system:

  • Inquiries
  • Visits Scheduled
  • Visits Attended, Applications
  • Completed Applications 

In the “Totals” charts, the “Final” bar/number indicates the total number of inquiries or applications in your school’s database with a “Year Applying For” of the given year. The “YTD” bar/number represents how many of the Final number of records are/were in the system relative to today’s date. This is so that that you can have a comparison on how you are performing in the current admissions year at this point in the actual year relative to past years at this point in the year.

Completed Applications counts the number of Applications that have/had all the required checklist items marked as complete. The “YTD” value in this case is relative to the date at which the last required checklist item for a given application was marked as complete.

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What do each of the colored squares next to different events on the Admissions calendar represent?

The colors next to different events on the Admissions calendar all represent something different.

  • Red = A group event with a date before <today> with an event type of "Visit".
  • Gray = An unavailable Admissions visit slot.
  • Blue = A group event with an event type of "Visit" for a confirmed Admissions visit on or after <today>.
  • Black = A calendar day record, which includes the description for the rotation day.

For group events, this is powered by the "calendar link style" from the group event type, shown here.

What does the red star icon mean in the Admission Candidate Profile Document?

The red star icon next to checklist items in the Admission Checklist section indicates that the item is a required checklist item.