Admissions Portal Message Communication and Tracking Individual Events

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The Admission Portal provides two methods of communication between the school and the applicant. These communication options can either be for general information, such as alerting the applicant of available open-house dates, or for confirming/declining individual events scheduled by the applicant. The two methods of communication are: portal message communication and admissions individual event communication.

Portal Message Communication

There are three types of messages that schools can use to communicate information in the portal:

  • Message to all portal users.
  • Message to a specific applicant.
  • Checklist item specific message to an applicant.

All messages are displayed as text boxes in the portal and, depending on the type of message, can either appear at the top of the page or under a specific checklist item.

To leave a message to All Portal Users:

An all portal user message displays to all applicants using the Admission Portal. This message appears at the top of the checklist item page.

  1. Open the ‘Admission Portal Config’ link under the Admissions section on the System homepage.
  2. Enter the message to all portal users in the ‘Message’ textbox on the General tab.
  3. Update the record.
  4. This message will appear at the top of the checklist item page in the Admission Portal.

To leave a message to an Individual Portal User:

An individual portal user message only appears to the specific applicant for which the message whom the message was written. This message appears beneath the all portal user message (if present).

  1. Use the ‘Find Admission History’ query located under the General > Other section on the Admissions homepage to open the record of the applicant.
  2. Enter the message in the ‘Portal Message’ text box on the General tab.
  3. Update the person admission record.

To leave a Checklist Item Specific Individual User Message:

A checklist item specific user message is specific to a specific applicant and checklist item. This message appears under the title of the checklist item.

  1. Use the ‘Find Admission History’ query located under the General > Other section on the Admissions homepage to open the record of the applicant.
  2. Navigate to the ‘App. Checklist’ tab to view a complete list of the applicant’s checklist items.
  3. Click on the magnifying glass to open the checklist item record.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Admission Portal’ tab.
  5. Enter the message to the individual user in the ‘Admission Portal Message’ text box.
  6. Update the checklist item.

Admissions Individual Event Communication

When an applicant schedules an admissions interview or other admissions event using the scheduling checklist item, an admissions individual event record is created automatically for the applicant. School confirmation and follow-up of the event can then be managed directly from this record.

Processing Admissions Individual Events

Once an applicant submits an individual event request via the scheduling checklist item on the Admission Portal, the school must confirm or decline the event date. Using the ‘Admission Events Requiring Review’ report located under the Today section on the Admissions homepage, schools can view a list of recently requested events and edit each specific record as needed.

To Confirm/Decline an Individual Event

  1. Open the event record from the query results on the ‘Admissions Events Requiring Review’ list.
  2. Select ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Declined’ from the ‘Attendance’ drop-down menu.
  3. Update the Individual Event record.

When this event is updated an email will be sent to the applicant either confirming the individual event time or declining the event. If the event is confirmed, the checklist item will indicate the date has been confirmed in the portal. If the event is declined, the applicant will be asked to return to the portal to submit another event request.

This process will repeat until an event date is agreed upon by both the school and the applicant. The email sent by the school when the event is either confirmed or declined can be configured through the Admission Portal event email templates: ‘Admission Event Confirmed’ and ‘Admission Event Declined.’ Use the ‘Message’ text box to enter the message that will be sent to applicants.