Admissions Portal Account Lookup

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The Admission Account Lookup feature is designed to check a person’s email address to see if they are already in the system. If so, they are redirected to the Admissions portal. If not, they are redirected to the pre-application form.

This feature significantly cuts down a school’s duplicate person and household records that result from existing or prospective families filling out forms more than once. Admission Account Lookup must be enabled for a school; it is not automatic. Interested schools should contact their Account Manager.


A user’s email address is checked against the Email 1 field on non-disabled accounts in the database. In addition, the user must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have a role of Parent, Staff, or Faculty.
  • If an adult, they must have legal custody of the candidate who has an admission record for the previous, current, or any future year.
  • If a prospect/applicant, they must also have an active admission record, i.e., an admission history record with a year applying for that matches the person record’s year applying for.

Admissions Account Lookup must be enabled by an Account Manager. This will alter the workflow for anyone accessing the Veracross pre-application form.

Schools need to contact their Account Manager to enable the Admission Account Lookup feature on their pre-application. All configuration options are found on the “Account Lookup” tab of the Admission Portal Config screen.

When enabled by Veracross support, workflows will instantly change: When a parent goes to the Pre-Application webform URL, instead of seeing the first page, they will see the “Account Lookup” form, and asked to enter their email address.

If the entered email address is connected to a user account, the parent will receive a system email. The default text for this email template, which can be modified, reads:

<p>Dear {preferred_name},</p>

<p>Thank you for inquiring! We noticed that you already have an user account to our school. Instead of filling out an inquiry form, please continue onto our admission portal, where you will be able to continue an existing application or start a new one. Follow the link below to login:</p>

<p><a href=”{admission_portal_url}”>Login to Admission Portal</a></p>
<p><a href=”{auto_login_url}”>Auto-Login to Admission Portal</a> (auto-login link expires in three days)</p>

<p><strong>Username:</strong> {username}</p>

<p>Can’t remember your password? <a href=”{forgot_password_url}”>Reset your password</a></p>

<p>Thanks,<br />
The Admissions Team</p>

On the other hand, if the parent entered an email address that is not connected to a user account, they will instead be sent on to the Pre-Application form to begin the application process.

Individual Fields for Configuring the Lookup Form

  • Page Background: Read-only. This is the full page background image. There is no specific file dimension needed, but the image may need to be modified by engineering for performance reasons.
  • Header Background: Read-only. This is the background image of the header title. Dimensions are 500 x 150px.
  • Color Overlay: This is the background color for header section. If used with a header background image, it will overlay an 85% transparent color over the image. If no color is specified, it defaults to #3B5A91 (dark blue).
  • Title: Text that displays in the header.
  • Title Text Color: Color of the text. Defaults to #fff (white) if no color is specified.

The two images, which are read-only, must be added by an engineer. Schools should contact their Account Manager to submit their own images. Images need to fit certain parameters, and so they need to be uploaded by an engineer to ensure they display properly.

Text Templates

  • Admission_Account_Lookup_Continue: This is the text that is displayed if a valid account is not found. In addition, there is a button below it that will say “Continue.”
  • Admission_Account_Lookup_Email_Sent: This is the text that is displayed if a valid account is found. It should be used to direct people to check their email address for further instructions.
  • Admission_Account_Lookup_Instructions: This is the content that is displayed when a user first gets redirected to the page. It should be used to explain, in very simple terms how a parent should check for an account.

Email Template

The email sent to a user who already has an account uses the Admission_Account_Lookuptemplate with the following available merge fields:

  • person_pk
  • name_prefix
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • preferred_name
  • username
  • forgot_password_url: direct link to request the reset of password
  • auto_login_url: autologin to admission portal (link expires in three days)
  • admission_portal_url: link to login to admission portal