Admissions Portal 3.0

This category contains documentation about Admissions Portal 3.0.


Admission Portal 3 Registration Season Type Record
The registration season type (RST) — of which "Admissions Portal" is the only available one at present — has a number of configuration options available.
Admissions Portal Record
The specialized content portal record is simply a Portals 3.0 content portal with special admissions-related features.
Admission Portal 3 Web Form Elements
Web form elements are used throughout forms to record different types of information.
Admission Portal 3 Checklist Items and Widgets
Checklist items are managed year-to-year in Admission Portal 3.0 as season-specific checklists.
Admission Portal 3 Inquiry Forms
The basic purpose of an inquiry form is to provide a streamlined interface to collect basic information about an admissions prospect.
Admission Portal 3 Web Forms
New web forms allow you a high degree of control over the information that end users are able to submit in the admissions process.
Admission Portal 3 Testing Guide
Overview Testing your Admission Portal 3 (AP3) configuration is the final and arguably most critical piece of your AP3 launch. This article outlines how to approach testing in your own admissions office, recommends tools and best practices, and off...
Veracross Recommendation Forms
Veracross is happy to announce that we now offer recommendation forms to use during the admission process. Read about the technical documentation of this new functionality below, as well as workflows commonly used in this process.
Candidate Portal Account Configuration
Information about candidate portal accounts in Admission Portal 3.
Admission Leads Inquiry Configuration
Information about configuring Admission Portal 3 inquiry forms to insert admission leads.
The Demographic Widget Type
An overview of the Demographic checklist item widget.