Admissions Portal

Learn all about the Admissions Portal, where prospective parents and students apply to your school!


Admission Portal Overview
The Veracross Admission Portal provides an interactive and engaging way to manage the admissions process. Applicants can apply online and manage their application through an online interface. Important application checklist items such as teacher recommendations, interview scheduling, and transcript uploads can be uploaded and managed from one location.
Admission History Portal Status
Application display on the Admission Portal is controlled by the candidate’s Admission History Record.
Admissions Checklist Configuration and Display Options
The Admission Portal is configured through two primary records/links in Axiom: the “Admission Portal Config” link and the “Admission Checklist” link.
Admissions Portal Account Lookup
The Admission Account Lookup feature is designed to check a person’s email address to see if they are already in the system. If so, they are redirected to the Admissions portal. If not, they are redirected to the pre-application form.
Admissions Portal Message Communication and Tracking Individual Events
The Admission Portal provides two methods of communication between the school and the applicant. These communication options can either be for general information, such as alerting the applicant of available open-house dates, or for confirming/declining individual events scheduled by the applicant.
Benefits of Using the Admission Portal
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Engaging The Admission Portal connects applicants with the school at the point of inquiry. Upon completion of the pre-application, applicants (parents and/or students) are given...
Configuring Admissions Event Sign-Ups
Admissions event sign up may be accomplished through the Admission Portal using a variety of event specific admission checklist items.
Configuring and Publishing Decision Letters to the Admissions Portal
Admissions decisions may be made visible to applicants through their Admission Portal. Once decisions are published, the letter will replace the checklist items on the applicant’s portal and the applicant will be able to log on and view the decision.
Configuring Web Form Options in the Admission Portal
Part of the Admission Portal configuration process is customizing the six web forms that can be linked with different checklist items.
Online Response Options to Decision Letters
Decision letters may be published in the portal after the school makes their admissions decisions. When parent of applicants log in to their portal an orange notification banner appears at the top of the application checklist page, indicating the application decision is ready to be viewed.
Planning and Timeline for Launching the Admission Portal
The Admission Portal is used by schools who want to provide their applicants with an online option for completing all their application requirements (e.g. checklist items, application fee, etc.). The Admission Portal is available to applicants after they submit a pre-application and will aid them in managing their admissions process from the inquiry stage through final decision.
Prospect Checklist Item Configuration
Application checklist items may be used to establish an order in which applicants complete the admissions process. Schools can either determine prospect related checklist items or mark certain checklist items to be required in order to be considered for review.
Publishing Decision Letters in the Admissions Portal
Now that the initial configuration is done, the remaining work to publish the decisions to the Admission Portal can and should be done solely from the Admissions homepage. Decisions can be published either individually or in batch.
Veracross Recommendation Forms for Admission Portal 2 Schools
Veracross is happy to announce that we now offer recommendation forms to use during the admission process. Read about the technical documentation of this new functionality below, as well as workflows commonly used in this process.