Admissions Goals

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Admissions Goals are numbers defined by the school as one of several targets for the various aspects of the Admissions process for the next school year. These are set in the Admission Goals reports on the Admissions homepage in Axiom, located in the Other section in the bottom of the right column. These goals are used in actual Admissions reports as well as on the Admissions Dashboard.

Read more about the Admissions Dashboard in documentation here.

Setting Admissions Goals

Admissions Goals are set manually in one of three reports — Goals by Grade Level, Goals by Grade Level & Gender, and Goals by Resident Status, Grade, & Gender. These reports are located on the Admissions homepage in the Other section in the right column. The best practice is to populate your school’s Admissions Goals in only one of these reports; whichever would be the most useful for your school’s specific workflows. Entering these goals in more than one of these reports results in double-counting.

Once an Admissions Goals report is opened, any column that ends in the word “Goal” is an Admissions Goal field that may be updated. To update these fields, double-click on the field, enter a number, and then click on the Update Records button. Additionally, the Total Capacity field can be set the same way from these reports. The available options for Admissions Goals are as follows:

  • Inquiry Goal
  • Application Goal
  • Accepted Goal
  • New Enrollment Goal
  • Total Enrollment Goal
  • Financial Aid Goal

These goals are intended to be numeric and to correlate to the record count of the goal in question. For example, setting an Inquiry Goal of 20 means that the goal is to have 20 Inquiry records. The exception to this rule is the Financial Aid Goal field, where the intended value is a dollar amount. The Financial Aid Goal field is not pulled in to the query by default — it should be pulled into the report through the query design if your school wishes to include it.

Goals in the Admissions Dashboard

A chart displaying Admissions Goals can be viewed in the Admissions Dashboard. To view the Admissions Goals chart, click on the Admissions Dashboard link in the Reports section on the Admissions homepage. Note that, due to the heavy computing load, this Dashboard is only automatically refreshed once per week on Fridays. To manually refresh this Dashboard, use the “Refresh Admissions Dashboard Cache” procedure, accessible from the Action menu on the Admissions homepage.