Admissions Cube and Field Logic

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Some admissions reports are pulled from a table within Veracross called the admissions cube. This article details what the admissions cube is, its purpose, how it is used in admissions reporting, and information about admissions cube-based reporting in general.

We do not support custom school-made reports using admissions cube logic.

The Admissions Cube

The Admissions/Financial Aid Cube is a table in which various data from the Admissions and Financial Aid modules are stored and refreshed daily. Admissions reports that pull in large amounts of data across periods of time tend to run from this table and the pre-built reports in the Multi-Year History section of the Admissions homepage are almost all pulled from this table (with the exception of the “Inquiries by Month” and “Enrollment History by Grading Period” reports).

How Does the Admissions Cube Work?

The Admissions/Finaincial Aid Cube pulls in a large amount of data every night during the overnight scripts specifically related to the Admissions and Financial Aid modules and stores it so reports can be run quickly from this information and save time and computing power. It is important to note that only data that is from the current year is refreshed in the overnight scripts — data from prior years is still stored on the cube but is not actively refreshed nightly after the year progresses to the next year. This data can be refreshed, but must be refreshed by a Veracross Engineer.

You can read about what exact data is stored in the Admissions Cube and how it is organized here.

Can the Admissions Cube be Manually Refreshed?

To manually refresh the Admissions Cube, navigate to the Admissions homepage and run the Refresh Admissions Cube procedure from the Action menu. Like the refreshes that occur during the overnight scripts every night, this procedure will only refresh data from the current school year. Due to the large number of calculations that are involved wih this process, running this procedure will likely take several minutes to complete.

Querying on the Admissions Cube

Queries pulling data cached in the Admissions Cube are especially useful when they are used to compare data across multiple years. Examples of these queries can be found in the Multi-Year History sub-section of the More Reports section of the Admissions homepage. Several fields stored on the Admissions Cube have some unique properties.

YTD Fields

Fields that begin with YTD (e.g., YTD Applications) look at all accepted offers, applications, events, inquiries, leads or visits that ocurred on the given year that happened before today’s date, or, the Admissions Reference Date parameter. In most circumstances, the Admissions Reference Date is set to today’s date, as this value is updated during the Refresh Admissions Cube script, but this can be modified from the individual parameter detail screen, accessible from the System homepage.
Example: YTD Applications pulls in the number of applications for a given year prior to today’s date of that year. If today’s date is October 1st, it would pull in all applications recieved before October 1st of the year in question. Changing the Admissions Reference Date to April 30th, for instance, and looking at the field again would pull in the number of applications recieved before April 30th of that year.