Admissions Configuration and Management

Configuration and management of the Admissions module go hand-in-hand. Learn about these processes and workflows in this section.


Admissions Candidate Detail Screen Overview
The Candidate Profile provides a robust view of data related to an Admissions Lead, Prospect or Applicant. It includes data pertaining to immediate family, school legacy data, candidate activity, interview details, checklist item progress, test scores, interests, notes and other details related to a candidate’s inquiry and application.
Activity Log Tab on the Admissions Candidate Detail Screen
The Activity Log tab on the Candidate detail screen brings together information about a Candidate from all steps of the admissions process.
Admission File Preview
The File Preview tab on the Admission Candidate detail screen is configured as a URL preview, allowing schools to easily view admission specific files.
Admission Source on Admissions Candidate Detail
Admission Source is a field to track the origin of a specific Admission Candidate. In a number of cases, this field populates automatically. In other cases, Admission Staff may need to update the Admission Source manually.
Admissions Terminology
There are key roles, records, and concepts used in Veracross Admissions that are important to understand in order for the school to align their own understanding of Admissions with Veracross’s established workflow.
Application Review
Application Review tools in Veracross allow the admissions review process to function paperlessly by providing a single place where applications can be reviewed and scored.
Application Review Homepage
The Application Review homepage is a location in Axiom to create, edit, and manage the application review process.
Admissions: My Reviews Homepage
Veracross enables admission offices to operate their application review process paperlessly. Once reviewers are assigned to reviews (candidates), reviewers can make use of the My Reviews homepage to access the reviews assigned to them, as well as to see them broken down by gender, recommendation category, etc.
Configuring Application Statuses to Display Decision Letters
After the decision letter text templates have been set up, the next step in the admissions decision publishing process is to assign those text templates to individual decision statuses.
Copy/Migrate Candidate Info to a Different Year Applying For
There are reasons why an admissions team might need to move or copy a candidate’s admissions data from one year to another.
Creating Text Templates for Decision Letters
Decision letter text templates are used to notify applicants of their admissions decisions through the Veracross Admission Portal. In a broader context, all Veracross text templates are records of preconfigured wording that allow for merge fields to be used, meaning that a school is able to create a personalized correspondence through a set format.
Field Glossary on Applications and Applicant/Prospect Screens
This article explains the fields on the general tab of the Application detail screen as well as the general tab of the Applicant/Prospect detail screen (also referred to as the Candidate detail screen).
How to Process an Inquiry
When receiving an inquiry in Veracross, there are a few steps that should be taken to track that the Admissions Team has followed up with that prospect and their family.
Process Flow from Prospect to Student
Listed below are the general steps an admissions office navigates with a student from the point of inquiry to fully enrolled.
Standardized Test Score Configuration
Test scores are managed by type (specific test) and by score type (subject area of the test type). Schools can track test scores for each standardized test students take on the “Test Scores” tab on their person record.
Using Admission Checklist Items to Create Applications
It is possible to configure, based on Admission Checklist Items, when an Admissions candidate should become an “Applicant” in Veracross.
The Application Summary Document
An overview of the school-configurable Application Summary document.