Admissions Candidate Detail Screen Overview

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The Candidate Profile provides a robust view of data related to an Admissions Lead, Prospect or Applicant. It includes data pertaining to immediate family, school legacy data, candidate activity, interview details, checklist item progress, test scores, interests, notes and other details related to a candidate’s inquiry and application.

The Candidate Profile is accessible from a number of tabs and queries, including:

  • Candidate Detail screen (“General” tab)
  • Admission History screen (“General” tab)
  • Application screen (“General” tab)
  • Review screen (“General” tab)
  • Find Candidates query
  • Find Applicants query
  • Find Prospects query
  • Find Admission Leads query
  • Find Applications query
  • Find Inquiries query
  • New Inquiries query
  • New Applications query
  • Events This Week query
  • My Visits This Week query
  • Find Application Review query
  • My Applications for Review query
  • “Admissions History” report, accessed from the candidate detail screen

Admission Status

The top of the Candidate Profile includes high level data about the Status of the Candidate. In addition to the picture and name of the candidate, the following fields are included:

  • Application Status: the status of the application associated with the candidate’s Year Applying For
  • Withdraw Reason: This field only displays the withdraw reason if the field is populated
  • Likely to Yield: Value comes from likely to yield on candidate detail screen
  • Enrollment Decision: value being pulled from candidate detail screen
  • Counselor: Value pulled from Counselor drop down on candidate detail screen
  • Admissions Points: displays a numeric value based on the number of family members who are staff or faculty, points are added if siblings are current students, former students or alumni, and points are also added for each relative who is an alum
  • Admissions Code: pulled from the Admission Code field on the Application record

Candidate Overview

The left panel of the Candidate Profile includes information directly from the candidate record. Those fields include:

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Age: using the Admissions Reference Date value to calculate current age
  • Ethnicity
  • Address: comes from the Candidate’s household address
  • Country: taken from the Candidate’s household address
  • Candidate Languages
  • Candidate Citizenship(s)

In addition, other information about the candidate is pulled, including:

  • Current Grade
  • Current School: Chooses the school of the candidate marked as the primary organization. If no primary organization is specified, the candidate’s school that has the most recent start date will be chosen. If neither of those values work, then it chooses the candidate’s current school by alpha order.
  • Location: the city, state and zip of the Current School
  • Awareness Reason
  • Referred By: a person related to the Candidate with the relationship ‘Admission Agent’
  • Profile Codes: pulls any profile codes where the profile code category is marked as ‘Admissions Only’

Parent/Guardian Information

Parents one through four are listed (read more about the logic for Parent 1-4 here) along with the following data for each parent:

  • First and Last Name
  • Marital Status: includes Spouse first name in parenthesis
  • Address
  • Home Phone
  • Business Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email: the Email 1 value
  • Person Roles
  • Employer: the value taken from the person record field ‘Employer’
  • Job Title: the value taken from the person record field ‘Job Title’

Candidate Applying For

This section includes information directly related to what the candidate is applying for. These values include:

  • Year Applying For
  • Grade Applying For
  • Requesting Financial Aid: Yes/No

The following three fields only appear on the Candidate Profile if the data is configured to use these values:

  • Student Group Applying For
  • Campus Applying For
  • Resident Status Applying For

Important Flags

There are a number of cases where Veracross will flag the Candidate with one or more Important Flags. Possible Flags include:

  • whether the Candidate is prior Applicant based on prior Admission History records
  • if the Candidate was previously a student based on the existence of prior Enrollment History records
  • whether the Candidate is related to Alum (note that the flag will detail what relationship to Alum they have, whether Grand Parent, Sibling, Parent, or Other Relation)
  • whether the Candidate is related to somebody who is a Board Member, Faculty or Staff member, a Prior Faculty/Staff member, Current Year Prospect or Applicant, or a Program Student

Color coding is employed to make the distinctions more obvious.

  • Orange means a relationship to a board or prior board member.
  • Red means relationship to a Fac/Staff or Prior Fac/Staff member.
  • Green means a relationship to an Alum, Former Student, or Current Student.
  • Blue means a relationship to a current year applicant, prospect, or a former prospect or Applicant.
  • Purple means a relationship to a Program Student.

Interview Information

Interview information is displayed for the candidate. A Status will display with one of the following:

  • Not Scheduled: no Visit Date is currently present on the candidate record
  • Scheduled: a visit date on the candidate record is present, but the date is after today’s date
  • Complete: a visit date on the candidate record is present, but the date is on or before today’s date

In addition, the date of the interview, the interviewer, and Interview Notes are shown. These values all come from those values on the Candidate Record, General and Interview tabs.

Visit Details

Visit details are also displayed. A status shows one of the following three statuses:

  • Not Scheduled: when a visit event exists for the candidate and the visit date is blank or when no visit event exists
  • Scheduled: when a visit exists and the visit date is after today
  • Complete: when a visit exists and the visit date is on or before today’s date

In addition, the visit will display the visit date.

Admissions Checklist

Checklist items are included based on those found on each candidate’s Checklist tab. Note that only checklist items for the Year Applying For value of the Candidate are included.

The items themselves are divided into those that are pending and those that are complete.

For both Pending and Complete Checklist items, a red star icon is present to indicate which items are required, and a calendar icon indicates that the item has a scheduled date.

Immediate Family and Other Relatives

Immediate Family and Other Relative Relationships are displayed in two different sections. Each section includes the fields:

  • Person Name
  • Relationship
  • Resident: if this family member lives in the same household with the candidate, a check will display
  • Attributes: displays details like year of graduation, deceased, what grade a sibling is in, etc.

Web Forms, Files, & References

Web form links and links to files are included in this section. Each web form link opens the session data to what the Candidate’s family entered online. For example, a Student Questionnaire completed by the family would show up when a user clicks on the ‘Web Forms’ link for that year. Note that past year web forms can also be accessed directly from this section.

Files stored on Person Admission, Application, or the Candidate record all get listed and can be downloaded and viewed from this section. In practice, this means any file uploaded by parents in the Admission Portal or Application are accessible here along with files specifically uploaded by members of the Admissions Department.

Associate Files with Person & Application Records

Deleting Admissions records is generally not recommended, and the system prevents a Person Admission record that has files associated with it from being deleted. However, if a school wants to delete a person’s admission record that has files associated with it, first run the “Associate Files with Person & Application Records” procedure, located on the Action menu of the Admission detail screen.

Doing so makes any files associated with that person’s admissions detail available on the Files tabs of the related Application and Person detail screens (adding a note indicating the relevant year applying for); the files will also remain on the admission detail’s files tab.

Test Scores

Any test scores stored on the candidate record will be displayed on the Candidate Profile. The test type, year, grade, test date and primary score are all displayed.


Integrated Google Form Recommendations that are captured via the Admission Portal are displayed in their own section with a Description, and Link to each separate Recommendation Form.

Prior Applications

Prior Applications are also listed. The Candidate Profile will include the year they applied for, grade the candidate applied for, the Application Status and the Enrollment Decision.


The Schools tab identifies any prior schools the student may have been associated with in the past as distinct organization records associated with the candidate. A student may have more than one previous school with which they are associated. In that case, the “feeder school” is determined by the following criteria:

  1. If one of the schools is marked ‘Primary,’ it is used as the feeder school.
  2. If there are no primary records, ‘Current School’ is considered before ‘Prior School.’
  3. If there is no current school, the school with the most recent end date will be used.
  4. If there are no criteria for the most recent end date, the school with the most recent start date is used.


Any interests stored on the candidate will pull onto the Candidate Profile. Each interest can display the following data:

  • Interest
  • Proficiency
  • Experience
  • Awards
  • Notes

Because interests are not year specific, a student who has applied multiple years may have interests showing from a previous year.


Admission Notes, Application Notes, Interview Notes and the content of emails sent to the candidate will all show in the notes area.

Recent Activity

Just like the Activity Log tab on the candidate detail screen, the Candidate Profile will include a list of activity pertaining to the Candidate.
Read more about what the activity log includes here. Note that currently audit log records are not being included in the Activity list found on the Candidate Profile.