Admissions 3.0 FAQ

What controls which season is listed as ‘current’ in the regisration season type?

The Current Registration Season field on the Checklist Items (Current) tab of the Registration Season Type record does not appear to be adjustable, which may cause you to wonder how you can change this value if you need to change the checklist items from year-to-year.

This question only applies if you are using Admission Portal 3 — it does not have an Admission Portal 2 counterpart.

The "Current Registration Season" field on the "Checklist Items (Current)" tab. Access this field through the Admission: Candidate Changes homepage by clicking on the Admission Portal link in the Registration Season Types section.  

This value directly correlates to the Active Admission Year system parameter. System parameters can be accessed through the System Parameters link on the System homepage.

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Can I resend a recommendation form email to a teacher?

Sometimes, a parent of a prospect sends a Veracross teacher recommendation form to a teacher and the teacher doesn't respond, or a parent enters a recommender's email address incorrectly. In these situations, it may be helpful to resend the recommendation form to the teacher to prompt a response.

The Pending tab on a recommendation form record. This tab shows all requests that are currently "Pending"; meaning that they have not received a response yet.

You can can "cancel" the submission request in Axiom, which allows the parents to resend the email. This process is only possible in Axiom, so therefore cannot be performed entirely by parents and requires assistance from you or someone else at the school. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the recommendation form record through the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal link > Recommendation Forms tab. Once there, click on the relevant recommendation form.
  2. Click on the Pending tab to see all instances of recommendation requests that have not yet elicited a response.
  3. Find the submission request in question and adjust the Request Status column from "Pending" to "Cancelled" and then click Update.
    • This automatically unchecks the checklist item, allowing the parents to go back into their portal and resend the requests.

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What is the Portals Form URL link for on Recommendation forms?

The  purpose of this field is to allow you to preview the recommendation form as you build it.

The Portals Form URL field on the General tab of a recommendation form record.

This is especially useful when you are building the recommendation form for the first time; this way, you can have the preview from the Portals Form URL link open in one window and make modifications to the form in another window, allowing you to refresh the preview to get a visual representation of the changes you're actively making.

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How can I make a recommendation form question with a grid or likert scale options?

I am building a VC recommendation form. I have a series of questions that all have the same scale of answers, 1-5. How can I set these up in a VC recommendation form?

How do I duplicate this format from a Google form in a VC recommendation form?

To set up this type of question in a Veracross recommendation form, use the 'radio button' question type and supply the choices as the options.

Here is an example of a question with four options.

And here is what they look like in the recommendation form interface. 

You could have 1-5 or any scale you'd like to use and if you apply them one after the other, they will have the functional appearance of a 'grid' layout. 

How do I update the logo on the Veracross recommendation forms?

Veracross recommendation forms allow you to set your school logo at the top of the recommendation form itself to provide branding unique to your school.

The School Seal Image URL field on the branding configuration record for public web forms.

To update the logo:

  1. From the System homepage, click on the Branding Configuration link.
  2. Click the "Public Web Forms" branding configuration record link.
  3. Insert the image URL for your school seal in the School Seal Image URL field.
    • This image must be hosted externally; Veracross does not provide image hosting services for this purpose.
  4. Click Update.

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I added a checklist item but it isn't displaying in the admission portal.

In the admission portal 3 (AP3) context, if you add a checklist items to the registration season, but it doesn't display in the actual admission portal, you can double-check several things. 

First, navigate to the registration season:

  1. Navigate to the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage, then click the "Admission Portal" registration season type. 
  2. Click into the appropriate registration season (e.g., 2020-2021).

Then, check the following:

The three things to check: from/to grade specified, applies to prospects, refresh candidate checklists. 

  1. Does your checklist item have filtering applied to it?
    • You need to apply at least a from/to grade level to all checklist items. 
    • If a checklist item applies to everyone, then just select your lowest and highest grades, respectively.
  2. If you are looking at a prospect in the portal and expecting to see the checklist item, be sure that "Applies to Prospects" is checked.
  3. Have you run the "Refresh Candidate Checklists" Action menu item? 
    • Click the Action menu (lightning bolt), and select "Refresh Candidate Checklists."

Important: Run the "Refresh Candidate Checklists" Action menu item after making changes. You can run it as many times as you need to. It must be run manually; it is not part of the overnight scripts. 

I cannot enter a name or email for a VC recommendation form in the portal

If you created a checklist item for a teacher recommendation, but it looks like this:

There's no spot to click to actually submit it! To fix it, you need to add at least one notification to the form's settings:

  1. Navigate: Admissions Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal Registration Season Type > Checklist / Recommendation Forms tab > Select the recommendation form.
  2. Add the following notification:
    • Event Type: Request Created
    • Email Template: External_Recommendation_Notification
    • Recipient Type: Form Submitter
    • Recipient Person: None
    • Enabled: Check the box
    • Click Update.

Here is the required notification for a recommendation form. 

Now your checklist item has the button to interact with:

Optionally, configure additional notifications.

How do we allow faculty and staff to review applications?

Application review is an important part of the Admission process — it is one of many steps used to determine whether a particular school and student are a good match for eachother. You can read more about the application review process in documentation here.  Depending on your school's workflows, you may decide to allow faculty and staff members to be in charge of reviewing applications.

A blank reviewer configuration record, accessible via the +Add Reviewer Configuration link on the Admissions: Application Review homepage.

On the Reviewers section of the Admissions: Application Review homepage, you can edit current and add new reviewer configurations. Each staff or faculty member needs their own reviewer configuration record, which can be created using the +Add Reviewer Configuration link. Reviewer configuration records can be set up to filter on the following parameters:

  1. School Level
  2. Grade Level
  3. Campus
  4. Student Group
  5. Resident Status
  6. Gender
  7. Feeder School
  8. Filtering Group