Admissions 3.0 FAQ

What controls which season is listed as ‘current’ in the regisration season type?

The Current Registration Season field on the Checklist Items (Current) tab of the Registration Season Type record does not appear to be adjustable, which may cause you to wonder how you can change this value if you need to change the checklist items from year-to-year.

This question only applies if you are using Admission Portal 3 — it does not have an Admission Portal 2 counterpart.

The "Current Registration Season" field on the "Checklist Items (Current)" tab. Access this field through the Admission: Candidate Changes homepage by clicking on the Admission Portal link in the Registration Season Types section.  

This value directly correlates to the Active Admission Year system parameter. System parameters can be accessed through the System Parameters link on the System homepage.

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Can I resend a recommendation form email to a teacher?

Sometimes, a parent of a prospect sends a Veracross teacher recommendation form to a teacher and the teacher doesn't respond, or a parent enters a recommender's email address incorrectly. In these situations, it may be helpful to resend the recommendation form to the teacher to prompt a response.

The Pending tab on a recommendation form record. This tab shows all requests that are currently "Pending"; meaning that they have not received a response yet.

You can can "cancel" the submission request in Axiom, which allows the parents to resend the email. This process is only possible in Axiom, so therefore cannot be performed entirely by parents and requires assistance from you or someone else at the school. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the recommendation form record through the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal link > Recommendation Forms tab. Once there, click on the relevant recommendation form.
  2. Click on the Pending tab to see all instances of recommendation requests that have not yet elicited a response.
  3. Find the submission request in question and adjust the Request Status column from "Pending" to "Cancelled" and then click Update.
    • This automatically unchecks the checklist item, allowing the parents to go back into their portal and resend the requests.

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If I'm converting from AP2 to AP3, how can I add new checklist items to my registration season in 3.0 without adding new checklist items to existing 2.0 candidates?

If you are converting to Admission Portal 3 (AP3) from Admission Portal 2 (AP2) and need to create new checklist items on your registration season, the new checklist items are automatically added to the master checklist, which affects any AP2 candidates you might have in the pipeline. Assuming you do not want to add your AP3 checklist items to existing AP2 candidates:

  1. Create the new checklist item on the registration season in AP3.
  2. Obsolete the new checklist item. 

AP3 ignores the "obsolete" flag, but AP2 respects it, so your new checklist item will be fully available in AP3 but invisible in AP2.

Is it possible to copy a registration season back one year?

Yes it is, but the feature is not self-service. The Action menu item to copy a registration season only copies it forward by one year, so if you need it copied back a year, please submit a ticket in our support portal. 

What is the Portals Form URL link for on Recommendation forms?

The  purpose of this field is to allow you to preview the recommendation form as you build it.

The Portals Form URL field on the General tab of a recommendation form record.

This is especially useful when you are building the recommendation form for the first time; this way, you can have the preview from the Portals Form URL link open in one window and make modifications to the form in another window, allowing you to refresh the preview to get a visual representation of the changes you're actively making.

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How can I make a recommendation form question with a grid or likert scale options?

I am building a VC recommendation form. I have a series of questions that all have the same scale of answers, 1-5. How can I set these up in a VC recommendation form?

How do I duplicate this format from a Google form in a VC recommendation form?

To set up this type of question in a Veracross recommendation form, use the 'radio button' question type and supply the choices as the options.

Here is an example of a question with four options.

And here is what they look like in the recommendation form interface. 

You could have 1-5 or any scale you'd like to use and if you apply them one after the other, they will have the functional appearance of a 'grid' layout. 

How do I update the logo on the Veracross recommendation forms?

Veracross recommendation forms allow you to set your school logo at the top of the recommendation form itself to provide branding unique to your school.

The School Seal Image URL field on the branding configuration record for public web forms.

To update the logo:

  1. From the System homepage, click on the Branding Configuration link.
  2. Click the "Public Web Forms" branding configuration record link.
  3. Insert the image URL for your school seal in the School Seal Image URL field.
    • This image must be hosted externally; Veracross does not provide image hosting services for this purpose.
  4. Click Update.

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What are the minimum required fields on an inquiry form?

This applies to Admission Portal 3: If you are interested in building an "inquiry lite" form, you at least need to have the following fields:

  • Candidate Name
  • Year Applying For
  • Grade Applying For

Inquiry forms that include less than this will technically be able to be submitted to the database, but will not come through to Axiom in a meaningful way (e.g., roles will be left out).

If a parent begins an inquiry in AP3 but doesn't complete it, could I see this information in Axiom?

There is no way to view this information in Axiom because there is no such thing as an incomplete webform session in Admission Portal 3. If something happens to cause the browser to close or reload before an inquiry is submitted, nothing is recorded in Axiom.

I got an error adding an admission fee or demographic form widget.

An example error message.

If you get the error "this checklist item is not supported for display in the candidate portal"

  • There is a known bug that can prevent these two widget types from being added directly. 
  • Workaround: 
    1. Add the checklist with a widget type other than demographic or application fee.
    2. Change the candidate  display status to hidden.
    3. Change the widget type to demographic or application fee.

How do I adjust the insert or update status of a form element?

An example screen without insert or update status drop-downs. 

In Admission Portal 3, if you encounter a web form element screen that is missing the insert and update dropdown boxes, it means that you cannot adjust whether the element is required or not.

  • This is a known bug that the particular element is using the incorrect detail screen. 
  • Workaround: Access the insert/update statuses via a query.
    1.  Navigate: Admission: Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal Registration Season Type > Choose the web form (e.g., an inquiry form).
    2. Click into a section of the web form.
    3. "Pop out" the query by clicking the "Open Query" icon on the far right. This opens the checklist items in a new tab/window.
    4. Design the query and pull in the "Insert Status" and/or "Update Status." Run the query.
    5. Update the insert or update status in the query. Click Update.

I added a checklist item, so why isn't it displaying in the admission portal?

In the admission portal 3 (AP3) context, if you add a checklist items to the registration season, but it doesn't display in the actual admission portal, you can double-check several things. 

First, navigate to the registration season:

  1. Navigate to the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage, then click the "Admission Portal" registration season type. 
  2. Click into the appropriate registration season (e.g., 2020-2021).

Then, check the following:

The three things to check: from/to grade specified, applies to prospects, refresh candidate checklists. 

  1. Does your checklist item have filtering applied to it?
    • You need to apply at least a from/to grade level to all checklist items. 
    • If a checklist item applies to everyone, then just select your lowest and highest grades, respectively.
  2. If you are looking at a prospect in the portal and expecting to see the checklist item, be sure that "Applies to Prospects" is checked.
  3. Have you run the "Refresh Candidate Checklists" Action menu item? 
    • Click the Action menu (lightning bolt), and select "Refresh Candidate Checklists."

Important: Run the "Refresh Candidate Checklists" Action menu item after making changes. You can run it as many times as you need to. It must be run manually; it is not part of the overnight scripts. 

Can we include a link directly to the admission portal from an AP3 inquiry form?

No. To access the admission portal, the user must check their email for the login link after submitting an inquiry. This is a security measure to ensure to prevent anyone with knowledge of an email address to apply to a school.

How do I copy a registration season in AP3?

To copy a registration season to the following year:

  1. Navigate to the Candidate Changes homepage and click the "Admission Portal" registration season type.
  2. On the registration season type, click into the year-specific registration season you want to copy. 
  3.  On the registration season record, run the action "Copy Registration Season" from the Action menu.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to copy the registration season each year for the next admission year. You can have multiple future registration seasons. 
  • Once you run the copy procedure, the source and target registration seasons are not linked or synced in any way. Changes made to one are not made to the other. 
  • The copy procedure only copies forward by a year. If you need to copy a season backwards, submit a support ticket with the request.

How do you add "none" as a organization drop-down option in a collection in AP3?

Collections are used in AP3 to establish the "pick list" in a drop-down in the admission portal. If you are using a collection to display organizations, you might want to have a "none" option. To add a "none" option:

  1. Navigate to the Candidate Changes homepage, then click the "Admission Portal" registration season type.
  2. On the registration season type, click the Collections tab and then click into the collection you wish to add it to. 
  3. Click "Add Record."
  4. In the advanced search, select the first blank organization record (it's the first one so you don't actually have to click it) and click "Select Organization."
  5. Back on the collection screen, click "Update." 

This will populate a blank organization that will read as "None".

Why can't I enter a name or email for a VC recommendation form in the portal?

If you created a checklist item for a teacher recommendation, but it looks like this:

There's no spot to click to actually submit it! To fix it, you need to add at least one notification to the form's settings:

  1. Navigate: Admissions Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal Registration Season Type > Checklist / Recommendation Forms tab > Select the recommendation form.
  2. Add the following notification:
    • Event Type: Request Created
    • Email Template: External_Recommendation_Notification
    • Recipient Type: Form Submitter
    • Recipient Person: None
    • Enabled: Check the box
    • Click Update.

Here is the required notification for a recommendation form. 

Now your checklist item has the button to interact with:

Optionally, configure additional notifications.

How do we allow faculty and staff to review applications?

Application review is an important part of the Admission process — it is one of many steps used to determine whether a particular school and student are a good match for eachother. You can read more about the application review process in documentation here.  Depending on your school's workflows, you may decide to allow faculty and staff members to be in charge of reviewing applications.

A blank reviewer configuration record, accessible via the +Add Reviewer Configuration link on the Admissions: Application Review homepage.

On the Reviewers section of the Admissions: Application Review homepage, you can edit current and add new reviewer configurations. Each staff or faculty member needs their own reviewer configuration record, which can be created using the +Add Reviewer Configuration link. Reviewer configuration records can be set up to filter on the following parameters:

  1. School Level
  2. Grade Level
  3. Campus
  4. Student Group
  5. Resident Status
  6. Gender
  7. Feeder School
  8. Filtering Group

Which widget types in Admission Portal 3.0 respect the group event's max capacity?

If there is an attendance limit for a group event that families sign up for via Admission Portal 3.0, set that limit on the Expected Attendees field on the group event record and use the Admission Visit Slot or Admission Visit Drop-down widget types for you related checklist item. Once the number of registrations meets the Expected Attendees value, those time slots will not be available on the checklist item.

What does the Admission Portal 3.0 'Refresh Candidate Checklists' procedure do?

The 'Refresh Candidate Checklists' Action menu item lives on the registration season record. This procedure should be run if you add a new checklist item to the registration season or if you change the filters on a current checklist item and you want those updates to be reflected on the checklists for current candidates. When run, the procedure with add the checklist item or apply the recent filter edits. 

It's important to note that if you toggle on or off the 'required' flag and then run the procedure, this type of change will not be affected on the current candidate checklists in order to avoid any individual changes you might have made.

In AP3 how can I convert an admission detail record to AP3?

To convert an admission detail record to AP3, you need to set the Registration Season Type to "Admission Portal." You need to do this if you have an admission candidate who started in the legacy AP2 platform and now needs to be moved over to the new AP3 platform. To do this:

  1. Run a "Find Admission History" query or navigate to the Admission History tab of a candidate record. 
  2. Click into an admission detail.
  3. On the admission detail, update the Registration Season Type field to "Admission Portal" and click "Update."
  4. Run the "Refresh Admission Checklist" Action menu item. You can also do this on the registration season record. 

What is the “Accomplishment” System Form in AP3 for and how do I use it?

The Accomplishment system form in AP3 is used to collect applicants' interests or activities that they are involved in and their proficiency in that interest, their years of experience, and any award(s) the candidate may have received in that interest/activity. This data is then mapped to the database and saved to the Interests tab of the admission candidate record.

To utilize this form, you should ensure that there is an Admission Checklist Item for the Registration Season with the Widget Type of “Accomplishments” (these are created at the time of your AP3 installation, so there should not be a need to create new ones). When in the Registration Season Checklist Item record, in the Widget Settings section, the Web Form should be defined as “Accomplishments”.

If you are using the Accomplishments System Form as a checklist item, you do not have to use the Interests System Form or an Interests only checklist Item. The Accomplishments form collects the interests as well as the additional information.

Your school’s Interests that show in the drop-down of the Accomplishments form can be seen via the Person Interests query.  If you would like any of these interests removed, so that they do not show in the Interest drop-down menu, please submit a ticket to our Technical Support Team with the list of interests to remove, and our engineers can make that update. Interests can be added via the “+Add” menu from the system homepage and selecting “Person Interests”. The Proficiencies can be seen in the Person Interest Proficiency query in your system. If you would like adjustments made to the proficiencies, please submit a ticket to our Technical Support Team with your requests and our engineers can make the changes for you.

In AP3, can I adjust the grade applying for (GAF) value in Axiom?

Yes! To update the “Grade Applying For” field in Axiom, you need to update it on the candidate detail record. To access this record, perform the following steps:

The "Grade Applying for" (GAF) field can be updated on the General tab of a candidate's Admission Candidate record.

  1. From the Admissions homepage, click on the Find Candidates query and search for the candidate you'd like to adjust the Grade Applying For (GAF) field on.
  2. Click on their name to access their admission candidate record.
  3. On the General tab, adjust the Grade Applying For field in the middle column and click Update.
  4. If the adjusted grade level means that the candidate should receive different checklist items, navigate to their admission history record by clicking on the Admission History tab and clicking "View Detail" for the current admission year.
  5. Click on the Action menu button and run the “Refresh Checklist Items (AP3 Only)” procedure. This refreshes their checklist based on the new GAF and retains any checklist items that have already been completed.

When the ‘Refresh Checklist Items (AP3 Only)’ procedure is run, what happens to existing checklist items?

When you run the "Refresh Checklist Items (AP3 Only)" procedure on the Admission history record in AP3, any checklist item that is marked as complete will be kept, regardless of whether that checklist item still applies to the candidate. This is to ensure that the system does not remove any data that might be considered valid by the school.

What do the Admission Portal 3 supplemental security roles give access to?

There are three supplemental security roles used in Admission Portal 3.

  • Admissions_Admin: allows editing of admission checklist items
  • Admissions_Web_Form_Admin: allows editing of webforms
  • Portals_ADMIN: allows editing of admission portal content and edition of admission portal configuration. 
    • Note: in addition to this security role, the user's person record should be added to the Admin tab of the portal config record.

To learn more about security roles and the permissions surrounding them, we suggest your read our article on the topic in Learn Veracross.

How do I allow parents to make edits to their school forms after submitting it in the Admission Portal?

If you are using Admission Portal 3.0 and would like to allow parents to make edits to their answers on a school form after it has been submitted, turn on the Allow Updates flag on the school form record.  This flag controls whether or not a user can modify and then resubmit the form. 

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage and click on the Admission Portal registration season type. 
  2. Click on the School Forms tab and open the form you are editing by clicking on the description. 
  3. Update the "Allow Updates" flag on the General tab of the school form record. 

How can I view the data added to Admission Portal 3.0 school forms?

To view data added to AP3 school forms, use the Submission Data function field from the Find Admission History query on the Admission homepage.

There are two parameters to update on this function field: the Field Name and the Submitted Value or Previous Value.

  • Field Name allows you to choose the question on the school form that you want to view.
  • Submitted Value or Previous Value? lets you choose whether you want to view the submitted value (the most recent response) or the previous value (the original response to a question that has been changed).

If you want to view multiple school form questions, bring this function field into you query multiple times; one per question you want to review.

What's the difference between a school form and a system form in AP3?

If you are using Admission Portal 3.0, there are two types of web forms, system and school.  System forms write directly to the database. You can configure but not compose them.  An example of this would be the citizenship form which collects and adds data to Axiom regarding passports, citizenship(s), etc.  School forms do not write information to the database but you can create and configure them with their own unique fields.  These are most commonly used for student or parent questionnaires.

Can I change the 'Add Another Candidate' button on the inquiry form in AP3?

For Admission Portal 3.0,  the 'Add Another Candidate' button label is not configurable at this time.

If parents add more than one candidate on an inquiry in AP3, will they receive multiple email confirmations (one per child)?

No. In AP3, email confirmations are tied to the creation of the parent’s user account, not the candidate’s record. This means that only one email is sent per inquiry form submission.

How do I add a new checklist item to a particular registration season in AP3?

You may wish to add new checklist items to the registration process and the process is refined and evolves over time to suit your specific need. Registration season checklist items can only be added from within a checklist category. To add a new checklist item, follow the below steps:

  1. Start from the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage and click into the Admission Portal link under Registration Season Type.
  2. Use the View Record (pop-out) box to the right of the Registration Season to drill into the specific registration season you want to add a checklist item to.
  3. On the registration season record, click the Checklist Categories tab.
  4. Click the Add Record... button to add a new checklist category or click into an existing category description to add a checklist item.
  5. Click into the category Description to add a checklist item to an existing category,
  6. Click the Add Record... button to add a new checklist item.

How do I delete test candidate records in AP3?

When trying to delete a test candidate record in AP3, it is common to get an error stating: "This record can’t be deleted due to related Person Registration Log record(s) which must be deleted first."

Person Registration Log records are created when going through the admission process and must be deleted by Veracross. If you need to delete test candidate records, please submit a ticket with Veracross Support to have the log records removed.

How do I include a response that does not assign a profile code in an AP3 profile code element?

You can use the profile code element type in an Admission Portal 3 (AP3) webform to assign a profile code to a candidate based on the answer to a question. But what if you want to include an option that does *not* assign a profile code, e.g., in a "yes/no" question? In that instance:

  • Assign the profile code zero ("0") to that choice. Selecting it will not assign a profile code.
  • See the example in this screenshot: 

Here is an example of a profile code web form element. Answering "Yes..." will assign the candidate the profile code with the ID 23. Answering "No..." will not assign any profile code. 

Why do I receive an error message stating "the records you are trying to create already exist and cannot be created" when I run the "Refresh Candidate Checklist" procedure from the action menu of the registration season record?

If you get an error that says "The records you are trying to create already exist and cannot be created" when running the Refresh Candidate Checklist procedure, it is likely that multiple registration season checklist items with the same criteria are currently associated with the same library item. This prevents the system from creating new checklist items when you run that procedure.

If you encounter this erorr, please submit a ticket through the client support portal for further assistance.

How to I convert a candidate from AP2 to AP3 (after I have launched AP3 with a configured Registration Season for the given Candidate's year-applying-for)?

In cases where your school transitions from Admission Portal 2 to Admission Portal 3, there may be several candidates that begin their admission process in AP2, but finish in AP3. These candidates must be converted to AP3 through the following process:

  1. Beginning on the Admission History tab of the Candidate record, click on the "View Detail" link for the appropriate Year Applying For.
  2. Click on the Admissions Portal tab of the Admission detail and set the "Registration Season Type" field to be Admission Portal.
  3. Click on the Action menu and run the Refresh Checklist Items (AP3 Only) procedure.

How I add our school logo and a photo to our inquiry form in AP3?

This can be done from the Branding Configuration link that can be found on the System Homepage.

How can I capture a candidate's current school?

Knowing an admission candidate's current school is likely a key question you want to have answered during the admission process. In Admission Portal 3, there are two ways to capture a candidate's current school in a way that writes information to the database:

  • On the inquiry form, you can use the "Feeder School" element.
  • In the admission portal, you can use the "Current School" system form. 

Feeder School Element Type on an Inquiry Form

The purpose of the feeder school element type on the inquiry form is to present a list of pre-defined schools (defined via a "feeder school" collection) from which to choose. If a school is not in the list, users are not able to add their own, so you would need to add a text field if you want the user to indicate a school that is not in the list. 

Add a "Feeder School" element type to an inquiry form. It presents the user with a drop-down of schools to select from.

  • The "Feeder School" element type presents a list of schools in a drop-down to choose from.
  • The schools listed are driven by the "Feeder School" collection, so you can define which schools appear.

Current School Form in the Admission Portal

The "Current School" system form allows the end-user to select from a list of schools or enter a new one. 

To capture the current in the admission portal, use the "Current School" system form attached to a checklist item. 

  • The list of schools to choose from uses the same "Feeder Schools" collection as the "Feeder School" element type on the inquiry form.
  • The system form offers the ability to enter a school that is not on the list. So it's designed to be broader in scope than the feeder school question on the inquiry. A new school created by the end-user gets created as a new organization in your database when it's submitted. 
  • If you use the feeder school element on the inquiry form and the user selects a school from the list, that school is prepopulated on the current school form in the admission portal. 

Does AP3 offer functionality for candidates’ schools to upload transcripts directly to our school?

This functionality is not currently available through Veracross — however, some schools choose to provide a link to a transcript release form in the Admission Portal and instruct the parent to download, print, sign, and submit to the school. When the current/prior school emails or mails the official transcript, the admission office then manually completes the transcript checklist item in Axiom.