Admission Leads Inquiry Configuration

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In Veracross, an admission candidate is a person with one of three roles: Admission Lead, Prospect, or Applicant. Inquiry forms, by default, create candidate records for people with the "Prospect" role. You may wish to collect information from admission leads, and you can configure an inquiry form to do this.

The "Candidate is Admission Lead" configuration option on an inquiry form detail.

Configuring Your Inquiry Form

To configure an inquiry form to insert candidates as admission leads (as opposed to prospects) is very easy:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration tab of the inquiry form you want to use to collect admission leads. 
  2. Update the value of the "Candidate is Admission Lead" field to "1" and click Update.

Do not update this configuration value on inquiry forms that already have submissions, which would lead to inconsistent data. If you want to start using an inquiry form for admission leads that has already collected submissions, we recommend creating a new inquiry form.

What Information Should We Collect?

Admission leads are typically at the very beginning of the admissions pipeline and so you likely will require a minimal amount of information. While you can configure the inquiry form to collect any data you want, we recommend a minimum of:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • grade applying for
  • year applying for

What Are the Implications of Collecting Admission Leads?

While Veracross has three roles — admission lead, prospect, and applicant — under the "candidate" umbrella, there is no logic or workflow associated with the admission lead role. This means that a candidate you have entered (or who has entered themselves via an inquiry form) into your system as an admission lead would still need to complete an inquiry form, creating a duplicate that you would then need to merge.