Admission Interests Trigger Interviewer Email

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Veracross can automatically invite staff or faculty to upcoming admissions interviews if the prospect has interests that match theirs. Schools may want to use this feature to enable current staff members to be more engaged in the admissions process, or to let coaches know when students interested in their sport will be on campus. Veracross can also notify only if a certain proficiency is met. Read more about candidate interests.

Schools should check the following for this feature to function properly:

  1. Review Person Interests. Existing ones are available on the System homepage under Admissions, and new ones can be added via the “Add” menu.
  2. The Interests tab must be turned on for person record detail screens. It is visible under Classification on a person record. If it is not present, contact your Account Manager to turn it on.
  3. Review the Interests of staff and faculty for whom the school would like this feature to work. For instance, if the school wants its current teachers to be notified when a prospect who shares their interests has an upcoming interview, check the faculty Interest tab for all current faculty and ensure that their interests match prospects’. For instance, the Latin teacher’s interest should include “Latin,” or the soccer coach’s interests should include “soccer.”

To Enable the Interviewer Email Trigger

To set up Veracross to email a current staff or faculty member when a prospective student has a matching interest:

  1. Set the Person Interest record “Create Admissions Visit Invitations” flag to “yes.” It is accessible from the System homepage under Admissions. Optionally, set the minimum proficiency level. If you choose to specify this, make sure the corresponding proficiency exists on the staff or faculty records you wish to match.
  2. Make sure that the “Send Notification” flag is set to “yes” for the respective person role on the “Admission Visit Notification” query on the System homepage.
  3. Let your Account Manager know once you have completed the above two steps. They will then work with an engineer to make sure the school has three “scheduled jobs” that run three separate stored procedures for your school: 1. “Create admission visit invitations”, 2. “send admissions visit notifications” and 3. “send admission visit reminders.”

    *Note: The Admission Visit Notification scheduled job is designed to send an email a set number of days before the admissions visit. It does not send a notification to everyone involved in the visit immediately upon visit signup, and there is not a scheduled job that does this. Talk to your account manager if you have questions.

  4. Your account manager will then work with an engineer to make sure schools have the correct email templates created that are referenced in the stored procedure.
  5. Your account manager may then ask you to submit a sample inquiry with interests to test.