Admission History Portal Status

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Application display on the Admission Portal is controlled by the candidate’s Admission History Record. For most applicants’ lifecycle in the admissions process, they will have one application (thus one Admission History Record) for the current admissions year. That particular application will display on their Admission Portal where the candidate can view, edit, and complete their application. However, in some cases admission offices may wish to make available additional applications for other admission years on the Portal. This is accomplished using the “Portal Status” field on the Admission History Record > Admission Portal tab. In instances like this a candidate has more than one “active” Admission History Record from which the “Portal Status” may be set to available to display multiple application within the Admission Portal.

Portal Status Field

The “Portal Status” field is available on the Admission Portal tab of the Admissions History Record. There are two statuses in which this field may be set: available and archived.


By default, the application that is displayed in the Admission Portal is for the candidate’s newest Admission History record. The Portal Status field for this Admission History is set to “Available.” The admissions office can choose to display additional applications on the Portal from other admission years by using the candidate’s Admission History Records.

  1. Search by the candidate’s name using the “Find Admission History” query to find the desired Admission History Record.
  2. Open the Admission History record for the desired Admission Year.
  3. Go to the Admission Portals tab and change the Portal Status field to “Available.”

Now when a candidate or parent logs into their Admission Portal they will see all applications that have been set to available by the admissions office. The application(s) can then be edited as normal.

This field can also be batch updated through the “Find Admission History” query.


Admissions offices can also choose to disable applications that they do not want to display on a candidate’s Admission Portal by changing the “Portal Status” field to “Archived.” This does not remove the application from the system, but simply blocks it from view on the Admission Portal.

Common Scenarios

Rolling admissions and waitlisted students are two common scenarios where an admissions office may want to display more than one application on an Admission Portal. If a family applies at the end of an admissions season for rolling admission schools, they will likely want to start their application immediately for the next year as well. They will technically be applying for two different years, but all manageable from the same portal.

Likewise, families with students who have been waitlisted are also likely to want to begin their application for the next admission year while they are awaiting final decision for their current waitlisted decision for the present year. They will need to have access to both applications on their Admission Portal so that they can maintain their current application as well as begin the application for the next admission year.

At the start of a new admissions year, admission offices may choose to archive older applications so that only the most recent application for families will display in the Portal. Archiving older applications can be done in batch from the “Find Admission History” query.