Admission File Preview

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The File Preview tab on the Admission Candidate detail screen is configured as a URL preview, allowing schools to easily view admission specific files. Selecting the row from query results generates the preview of the document in an easy-to-read format. From this preview, Admissions offices can download the PDF or expand the document into a new window.

Configuring File Preview

The ability to preview a file is controlled by the assigned File Classification. File Classifications are a way to organize and tag related documents according to their appropriate purpose or origin. Schools can add their own File Classifications, but system classifications such as Admissions, Admission Portal, Enrollment Contract, etc. are automatically provided.

To be able to preview files on the File Preview tab, the appropriate File Classification must be set to “Include in Admission Review.” This allows all files assigned to that particular classification to display on the File Preview tab. In addition, the classification must be assigned to the Person_Admission table.

File Classifications can either be assigned manually by the Admissions department at the time the files are uploaded to the system, or receive an automatic classification based on where it originates from. For example, all files upload from the Admission Portal are assigned an “Admissions” File Classification for security. These files are mirrored to both the Person and Application record during overnight processes with the same “Admissions” File Classification.

File Types

The types of files included in the file preview are:

  • Veracross Candidate Profile
  • Past and current Web Form submissions, also known as the Admissions Packet
  • Teacher Recommendations (if integrating with Google Forms)
  • SSAT Packet (if integrating with SSAT)
  • Any file attached to a classification marked with “Include on Admission Review,” including any file uploaded by a family in the Admission Portal