Additional Portal Screen Examples

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The Portals platform allows virtually any kind of content to be integrated alongside of school-related data. This article highlights several examples.

Parent Resources Page

Create a page to host parent resources, such as field trip forms, the Student Handbook, etc. If your school uses Google Apps for education, for instance, you can embed a Google folder (as in this screenshot).

Headmaster’s Blog

To set up a Headmaster’s Blog, create a “Headmaster’s Blog” channel to hold the content. Read more about channels.

Steps to create a HM blog, set up a channel called “Headmaster’s Blog” (or similar) and give the HM authoring privileges. Then a new component screen can be created to host the blog as a full-page.

Three options for showing it in the portal. Option 1 is to include a list of recent posts right on the home screen, in which case use one of the smaller article components. People click from there and read the article. Option 2 is have a link on the homepage or a menu that goes to a new screen that shows a single component listing all of the blog posts. Option 3 is to just display one featured headmaster post on the home screen (“read the latest,” etc.), maybe link to the archives or not.

Fine Arts

Make use of integrated content, such as online event registration forms for upcoming performances, and use news articles to highlight student work, past performance, critics’ reviews.

Student/Teacher Spotlight

Highlight students or teachers on a rotating basis. Portals are behind passwords, so specific information about student accomplishments and other data can be included in ways that may not be possible on a public website.

Annual Fund Overview

Host a page about the annual fund, and include a link to the online giving page. Highlight upcoming development events, use articles to post progress reports on existing campaigns, and include links to different online giving pages.

“Action Launchpad”

Create a page of links directing users to resources, other areas with the portal, areas outside the portal, etc.