Adding Transcript Courses and Items

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The videos below illustrate the processes of creating a new transcript course and manually adding transcript items. Both of these workflows can be used together for a variety of reasons, including setting up a system for categorizing and applying transfer credits to transcripts.

Creating New Transcript Courses

  1. From the System homepage, hover over the Add button and select the "Add Transcript Course" option.
  2. Set the Course Name, as this is the only required field to create a new transcript course. Aside from this field, set the other fields how you'd like. If this is being created for transfer credits from other institutions, be sure to toggle the "Transfer" option to YES.
  3. Click the Add Transcript Course button.

Manually Adding Transcript Items

  1. Navigate to the School Level homepage and click into the "Find Transcripts" query in the General column.
  2. Query for the student in question and click on the "View Detail" link.
  3. Click on the Action button and run the "Add Transcript Item" procedure.
  4. Populate the fields in the pop-up screen that apply to the situation. The field names that are bolded are required, as is either the Numeric Grade or Status field. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the Course field to open an advaced search option that allows you to select the exact transcript course.
  5. After the fields are populated, click the Add Transcript Item button.