Adding School Awards to Person Classifications

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Schools are able to add Awards, such as Athletic Awards (e.g Most Valuable Player, Most Improved, etc.), Academic Awards (e.g High Honors, Honors, etc.), and Fine Arts Awards (e.g Most Creative Art Piece, Best Performance, etc.) within Veracross and then tag certain individuals or groups of people who received the Award.

Award Types

There are a number of system generated Award Types that can be used to organize various Awards that are given out:

  • Academic Award
  • National Award
  • Scholarship Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Athletic Award
  • Fine Arts Award
  • Book Award
  • Extracurricular Award
  • Other Award

Note: If an additional Award Type is needed, please contact your Account Manager.

Adding an Award

In order to add an Award within the system, hover over the  button and select Awards from the System homepage.

Schools can then add the description of the Award and select the appropriate Award Type that the Award applies to and click Add Award.

Note: Once an Award is added, a Person Classification is created for that Award. Read more about Person Classifications.

Adding an Award to a Person Record

Once an Award is added, schools can then apply the Award to the person record by completing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the person record that the Award will be added to.
  2. Click on the Classification tab on the person record.
  3. Click .
  4. Click the magnifying class icon to search for the Classification.
  5. Highlight the Award and click OK.
  6. Enter the School Year that the person received the Award or enter the Begin and End Dates if the award is tracked on a grading period basis.
  7. Enter Notes as needed.
  8. Click .

Adding Awards in Batch

Click here to learn how to add awards to multiple people in batch.


Schools can create reports for their various awards using a Find Person Classifications query on the System homepage.

Using the query design, schools can select the Classification Type for the Award (this will be the Award Type)

  • and run the query to view all of the people who have received an award that is within the Award Type indicated. For example, if the school wanted to see all people who received the Athletic Award.
  • and also indicate the Start School Year and End School Year in order to view who received the award for a specific school year. For example, if the school wanted to see all those who received an Athletic Award last school year.
  • and also indicate the specific Award that was given within the Award Type using the Classification field. For example, if a school wanted to view only those who received the Most Valuable Player Award last school year.

Refreshing Classifications (Awards)

Note: When a new Award is added to a record or when an Award has been removed, schools may need to run the procedure to “Refresh Person Classifications” (located on the System menu dropdown) so that reports will reflect the updated information. Otherwise person classifications are refreshed during the overnight process.