Adding Internal Integrations in Veracross API


A blank OAuth Application record. Access this by clicking "Add Internal Integration" on the Identity & Access Management homepage.

An Application Program Interface (API) is an interface that allows third parties to receive data via request calls. The Veracross API is built to connect third party vendors and users, in partnership with schools, to data stored within a school’s database. API requests can be made for various different data points, controlled by different scopes.

In addition to external partners, you can also add internal integrations for programmers on staff who are utilizing  the Veracross API to connect a school built system. This can be done by anyone with the OAuth_App_Admin security role; this functionality is not automatically enabled for SysAdmins.

Adding an Internal Integration

  1. From the Identity & Access Management homepage, click "Add Internal Integration" to open a blank OAuth Application record.
  2. Populate the fields with the relevant information and click "Add OAuth Application".
    • If they are an internal user and not a partner, you should not populate the partner field.
  3. At this point, the OAuth Application record has been created for this internal integration user. From here you can set their scopes and manage Redirect URIs/Authorization URLs as necessary. Be sure to click Update after making any changes to save them!