Adding and Updating Purchase Requisitions/Orders

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A request to purchase goods or services is initiated by creating a purchase requisition.  A purchase requisition can be generated directly by staff and faculty members or strictly by accounting department users. A purchase requisition is used to define who is making the request, what they would like to purchase, when they would like it delivered, and the quantity and price of items to be purchased.

Entering Purchase Requisitions

To add a new Purchase Requisition, navigate to the Main home page and click “Add a Purchase Requisition” in the “Other” section.

All of the fields needed to create a new requisition are presented on the Header tab.  Minimally, enter information for each field in the leftmost column of the header section (Requisition Date,  Requestor Name, etc).  Note that when you enter a Vendor, their designated Currency Code will automatically update and calculate.

To complete the purchase requisition, click “Add PO Header” . The system will validate the data you entered, and if there are no problems, will create a new requisition in the database.

Create Line Items

In the grid portion of the display click “Add Record”  to create separate line items for each distinct item you wish to purchase.  Minimally, enter a quantity, unit price, general ledger account, and description for each item.

Click “Update PO Header”  to confirm changes.

Axiom will calculate item amounts, and will refresh total amounts in the header portion of the Requisition display. When done, navigate away from the PO by clicking any of the query navigation buttons  on the right of the Launchpad, use your browser’s “Back” button, or use the Launchpad to navigate to a homepage. Read more about navigating Axiom.

Marking a Requisition Complete

A requisition need NOT be marked “complete” in a separate step or process apart from initial requisition entry and update procedures. To mark a requisition “complete,” simply click the “Requisition Complete?” button and then “Update” .

Updating Purchase Requisitions

To update a Purchase Order Requisition, navigate to the Main home page and click My Purchase Requisitions in the “Other” section. A list of purchase requisitions will display. Click the Requisition # to view the requisition detail screen.

Make desired change and click “Update” .

Deleting Purchase Requisitions and Line Items

To delete an entire purchase requisition, on the Requisition detail screen simply click the  Organize menu and select Delete.

To delete Purchase Requisition Line Items, click the red X to the right of the record and then “Update” .