Adding and Updating AP Vendors

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Vendors can be added and updated as needed. In addition to “regular” vendors, one-time vendors can be added for those you plan on using only once.

Entering a New Vendor

To add a vendor, first navigate to the Accounts Payable homepage, and then click Add a Vendor. All required fields must be populated and the vendor added before additional information can be entered or other tabs navigated to. Grayed-out fields are calculated by the system and cannot be edited.

Fields followed by a magnifying glass  or boxed arrow  represent information that exists elsewhere in Veracross. As information is typed in these fields, the system will attempt to automatically populate the data. Click the magnifying glass  to view full detail information for the entity. If Veracross cannot locate the entity you are searching for based upon the characters you enter then click the boxed arrow  to perform a more detailed search for the entity. Read more about detail screens in Axiom.

Click Add Vendor  to add the vendor.

One Time Vendors

Sometimes you will have an invoice for a vendor that you do not plan on using again. Instead of adding a separate master file record for this vendor, set up a One-Time Vendor record, or use an existing one. Normally, there is only one such vendor per installation. Such a vendor is found by executing a vendor query that includes only one-time vendors. However, you may choose to set up a One-Time Vendor record for each cost center, or for each AP administrator.

A vendor must be set up as a one-time vendor before an invoice is entered as a one-time vendor invoice.

The advantage of using a one-time vendor is that you have fewer separate vendors, while allowing individual invoices for this vendor to each have their own name and address.

When you are ready to print and post AP checks, remember that when payments are made to the invoices of a one-time vendor, each invoice generates its own check.

Searching For and Updating Vendors

Search For the Vendor

To search for a vendor, click Find a Vendor on the Accounts Payable homepage. Enter desired search criteria. To search specifically for one-time vendors, click the One Time Vendor? field, and select Yes on the right. Click Run Query  to view the results.

There are additional ways to query data. Read more about constructing queries in Veracross.

In the query results screen, click the name of the vendor to view.

Update the Vendor

From the vendor detail screen, update all desired information and click Update  to confirm the changes. To cancel the update, navigate away from the page by clicking the “Back” button in your browser and confirming that you want to leave the page when prompted.