Activity Log Tab on the Admissions Candidate Detail Screen

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The Activity Log tab on the Candidate detail screen brings together information about a Candidate from all steps of the admissions process. It provides a place for Admissions Staff to quickly find the last actions taken by or on behalf of a Candidate.

Activity Log

The Activity Log tab should be used to quickly see a summary of all recent activity for an Admissions Candidate. The tab is sorted with most recent activity at the top and gives a summary of the following:

  • Inquiry Received
  • Visit/Tour
  • Interview
  • Test Score
  • Application Received
  • Application Review
  • Admission Decision
  • Enrollment Decision
  • Enrollment Status
  • Financial Aid Application Received
  • Financial Aid Award Offered
  • Individual Events
  • Admissions Checklist Item Completed
  • Enrollment Checklist Item Completed
  • File Uploaded
  • Email Sent – Any email sent to the candidate where the sent date is on or before their entry date
  • Audit Log – Any change to Year Applying For, Grade Applying For, Resident Status Applying For, Enrollment Status, or any changes to Person Admission record or Enrollment Record fields
  • User Account Created
  • Welcome Email Sent
  • Admission Portal Login
  • Admission Portal Activity
  • Online Enrollment Activity

The tab gives a date for each item, the record affected, a description of the change, and a link. For example, if a checklist item was completed, the record would display Checklist Item Completed, and the description would communicate which item had been completed.

The link allows an Admissions staff member to go directly to the record in question. The link on an Activity Log entry for a checklist item will take the user directly to the checklist item detail screen, while an Activity Log entry for an email sent would open the email record.

Each night, the Activity Log gets refreshed to include any new activity that happened during the previous day.