Query Action Menu Items


Once you have produced the desired results within the query, there are several actions you can take. Select them by clicking the Action Menu . Different options are available depending on the query visualization, but these are the basic options:

  • Batch Update or Delete Records
  • Export to Excel or CSV
  • Send an Email or SMS
  • Print to PDF

Action Items Run in the Background

Background Action items triggered from the Action Menu  on a homepage run in the background, which means that the user can close the menu, and even the browser, while the procedure runs. The user will be notified when the procedure completes on any device currently logged in (typically the browser window), whether successful or not. Multiple actions may be run simultaneously. Note several aspects of background procedures:

  • When a process is queued or running in the background, the lighting bolt ⚡ on the Action Menu flashes.
  • When a procedure completes successfully, a green check appears next to the lightning bolt.
  • When a procedures fails, a red exclamation appears.
  • A notice about an action item does not go away by itself. The user must dismiss the notification.
  • Opening the Action Menu will show you all Action Items you have running. When you actually run a new Action Item, that screen only shows the status for the one you just ran