Academics Exam

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live at least through December 23, 2021, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community, and head to Veracross University for the latest onboarding training.  Please update your bookmarks. 


Here is an "exam" you can take. If you are able to work through the "Know" and "Do" sections, you can consider that you have mastered the contents of this unit. This can also be a helpful review. An answer key is available: reach out to your school's point person or your Veracross account manager to get access. 


Answer the following questions in as much detail as needed. 

  1. What is a system parameter?
  2. Describe the dept/subj/course/class hierarchy.
  3. What are assignment grades and posted grades? 
  4. Explain some of the important fields on a course. 
  5. Explain some of the important fields on a class. 
  6. What is the student enrollment manager? 
  7. What is qualitative grading?
  8. Describe rubric categories, rubrics, criteria, and scales. 
  9. What is the Veracross LMS? 
  10. Where do teachers take attendance?
  11. Define three assignment statuses.
  12. Where do teachers enter term grades?
  13. What are report card forms? 
  14. What is the grade posting process? How might it differ among schools?
  15. How are report cards published? 
  16. What are transcripts and transcript items? 
  17. How are transcript items posted? 
  18. What are behavior and comments? How might a school use them? 
  19. Where are behavior and comments configured?
  20. Define master and class attendance.

2. Do

Do the following. Create a "Training" workspace in your personal workspace (if you haven't already) to save queries.

  1. Query on a class that has at least five students in it and select an arbitrary class. Articulate what each option does and why you chose it for a hypothetical school. 
  2. Talk through the process of setting up three different schedules:
    • simple M-F
    • six day rotation
    • ten day rotation
  3. For managing enrollments in Axiom...
    • talk through the process of withdrawing a student from a class
    • talk through the process of enrolling a student in a class late
    • How would you transfer a student from one section to another (same course) and transfer assignment grades and posted grades?
    • Explain how to remove homeroom associations in batch and then explain how you would associate them again. How does the "enroll by homeroom" feature work?
  4. Query on a rubric that has at least three criteria and a scale.
    • How would you associate the criteria with at courses? 
  5. In the LMS in the teacher portal, how would you...
    1. ...create several assignments of different types and point values?
    2. ...fill in grades and grade statuses?
    3. ...take attendance?
    4. ...enter term grades?
  6. Managing report card forms:
    1. View a report card form in the teacher portal. 
    2. Talk through the process of creating and configuring a new report card form.
  7. How do you post grades?
  8. How do you post transcript items? 
  9. Create and save a query to show behavior and comments.
  10. Managing attendance:
    1. Talk through the attendance-taking process as a teacher in the portal.
    2. Search for master attendance and find everyone who has been absent or tardy in the last month. Save the query.