Academic Document FAQ

What security roles do I need to access the configuration and publishing options on the Academic Documents homepage?

The Academic Documents homepage is essential to monitoring and facilitating workflows related to academic documents in Veracross. Users require certain security roles to be able to interact with this data.

The Academic Documents homepage.

  • Academic_Document_Admin — allows you to create and manage academic documents.
  • Academic_Document_Reader — allows you to view academic document records.

Note: The Academic Document Reader and Administrator roles do NOT grant access to the actual documents themselves, just the publishing configuration.

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When should the "Document Layout" field should be "None" during academic document configuration?

The Document Layout field on the Configuration tab is used when creating school configurable academic documents from the Academic Documents homepage.

The academic document record for an already built custom document. Note the System Type of "VC Custom" and the Document Layout of "None".

If this document is a custom document that was built before school configurable document functionality, then the System Type should be VC Custom and the Document Layout field should be None.  Most Veracross schools have custom built academic documents, as these are the only documents that existed until the school configurable documents functionality was released.

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How do I see report cards from previous years?

Example scenario:"A junior is wondering if she can get copies of her report cards from her entire sophomore year for her own personal record. How can I do this?" 

To find historical report card information, perform the following steps:

The "Find Documents" menu when searching for upper school report cards. In the above example, you should select "Grade 10" in the Grade Level role to find what you are looking for for that particular student.

  1. Begin on the Documents homepage and click on the relevent link for the school level/academic document.
  2. Click on the 'Find Documents' button on the top left (not the arrow directly next to it) to open the Find Documents menu.
  3. Search for report cards by school year and any other crieteria you want to apply to the search.
    •  The historical information of the student's grade in previous years is reflected when you search earlier school years.

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How do I publish report cards?

To publish your report card to the parent or student portal, utilize the academic document publishing workflow, new for the 2020-21 school year. Report cards are no longer published using the "Publish Report Cards" field on the Grading Periods query. You can check out the quickstart guide to publishing academic documents, but here are the bare-bones steps if you need to publish in the next ten minutes:

  1. Head to the Academic Documents homepage and click the "Current Year Academic Documents" query.  
  2. Click into the report you want to publish.
  3. On the Configuration tab, click "Add Record" and create an "Include" filter, setting a min and max grade. For example, if the document is a high school report card, select Grade 9 and Grade 12.
    • Set the default publishing status for the student and/or parent portal. 
    • Optionally, set the category, report title, and sort key. See the quickstart guide for more info. 
    • Click Update.
  4. Action menu > Refresh Filters.
  5. Click the "Record Review" tab. Documents to be published will be listed under "Pending." Look good? Action menu > Commit Filters. 
    • They now show up on "All Existing Records."
    • Something not look right? No trouble: Edit your filters, refresh, review.
  6. To display report cards in the faculty portal, there are two things that need to be in place on the Academic Document record:
    1. On the Publishing Prep > Configuration tab, the 'Include in Faculty Portal field should be toggled to Yes. This is the default setting.
    2. From the Action menu, run both the Refresh Filters and Confirm Filters procedures. The report cards then displays on the Record Review > All Existing Records tab as well as in the faculty portal.
    3. You need to complete these steps for each of your Academic Documents that you want to display on the faculty portal
  7. To publish: Action menu > Publish All (or Publish Parents, or Publish Students).
    • Review all documents on the "Parent Portal" and "Student Portal" tabs.  
    • Selectively update publishing statuses or use the Action menu for batch. 
    • Published = clickable link in the portal; Unpublished = grayed-out unclickable link in the portal; Not Published = no link at all, completely invisible to portal user.
  8. Double-check: Impersonate a parent or student and ensure that they see the expected report card.

How do I batch print documents from the Academic Documents homepage?

You can print school-configurable academic documents on the Academic Documents homepage. Click here to learn about printing custom Veracross documents. Doing so requires one of the following security roles: 

  • Sys_Admin1 or 2
  • Faculty_3
  • Grades_Reader
  • Any of the Div Head roles

School-configured academic documents can be printed in batch from the "Find Person Academic Document" query on the Academic Documents homepage.

  1. Navigate to the Find Person Academic Document query on the Academic Documents homepage.
  2. Apply the appropriate criter to filter the query down to the documents you wish to print and run it.
    • You must ensure that the Person Academic Document ID field is visible and not suppressed from results!
  3. From the query result screen, click on the Action menu and run the Batch Print Documents procedure.
  4. Select "Person Academic Document ID" in the Record ID field drop-down menu and "Academic Document" in the Document field.
  5. Click Go.

How do I hide a certain class from showing on a Student's report card?

To hide certain classes from a student's report card, perform the following steps:

Toggling the "Exclude from Report Card" to YES will hide this particular class from showing up on this individual student's report card.

  1. Navigate to the Student's Class Enrollment record for the class you wish to hide/exclude from showing on the report card. 
    • There are a few ways to access Class Enrollment records. The easiest way is to start from the Student record, click on the "Schedule" tab, and then scroll over to the right and click the "pop-out" button next to the class you want to see the class enrollment record for.
  2. On the General tab, toggle the Exclude from Report Card flag to "Yes".
  3. Click Update

On the school configurable report card, can we show the teacher's or student's preferred name?

Yes! All of the person name fields on the document template include the same list of field values and syntax requirements. It's important to note that multiple values need to be separated by a comma and a space. For example:

  1. Herbert George Wells with the preferred name "H.G" would display as H.G. Wells using "preferred_name, last_name"
  2. To get Wells, H.G., you would need the syntax "last_name_with_comma, preferred_name"

What is the best way to notify Veracross that we need to make changes to our custom Report Cards, Progress Reports, or Transcripts?

When you know you need to make any sort of changes to a report card, progress report, or transcript, please submit a detailed ticket with the requested changes through Veracross Support as soon as possible. If you are looking to make substantial changes, we recommend including a visual mock-up of what you'd like the document to look like. Please anticipate the following timelines for implementation of these changes:

  • If your changes are substantial (e.g., a complete document restructuring), please allow for at least 4-6+ weeks notice before that document is scheduled to be published to parents to ensure our teams have adequate time to make the changes.
  • If you need more simple changes (e.g., a new school logo or making small text changes), those require less lead time, but communicating with Veracross about these changes at least 1-2 weeks before the document needs to be published is highly advised.

 Please note that this FAQ refers to custom documents in Veracross, not school configurable documents.

How do we hide a student's report card from the student and parent portal?

To "hide" a report card in the parent or student portal, you can update the publishing status of that particular student's academic document for the given grading period. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Academic Documents homepage.
  2. Click into the academic document record. You can access it a few different ways:
    • If it's an active document, it shows up in the list at the top of the homepage. 
    • You can click the "Current Year Academic Documents" link.
  3. On the academic document record, navigate to the Parent Portal tab and/or the Student Portal tab and click the "Published" sub-tab.
  4. Update the "Publishing Status" field to either "Unpublished" (which will display a graded-out text instead of a link) or "Not Published" (which completely hides the particular link.
  5. Click "Update."

Recommended: Impersonate the parent or student, log in as them, and confirm that the document is not displayed as intended. 

On the new academic document layout, how do I get the student advisor's name to appear without adding the advisory class to the numeric grades table?

In order for the advisor's name to appear on the document, the "Include on Report Card" flag must be checked on the course record. If the advisory class is not graded, you can filter the numeric grades table to only show academic classes by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to the Academic Documents homepage > Configuration Section > Add/Configure Layouts header > and click the appropriate document link
  2. From the embedded table on the document with layouts record, click on the layout you want to adjust in the "Name" column.
  3. On the embedded table of field values, find the "Numeric Grades Table", the second item should be "Table Enrollments"
  4. If the value in the Table Enrollments row is set to all, you can change the filtering options by either course type or class status. The syntax academic_classes would then exclude the advisory class from this display.

Read here for additional information about document layouts.

I have configured the academic document layout record to display the Qualitative Scales key. Why won't they display on the document?

The Qualitative Scales key will not display on the academic document unless the student has at least one qualitative grade that uses that scale in any of the reporting year's classes. Here are the parameter settings needed to display the rubric scale key. 

  1. Enter 1 in the 'Show Qualitative Scales?' parameter. 
  2. Enter the ID number of the Rubric Scale which is available on the Rubric Scales query on the System homepage. 
  3. Enter the rubric key label in the Qualitative Scales Label parameter.

Our GPA reports are showing an equation, but the calculated value is "0." What are we missing?

If you’re looking at a student’s GPA report and you see that there is an equation for the calculation — such as 100 grade points earned and 25 credits attempted (100/25) = 4.0 — but the GPA itself is showing as “0,” this could be due to your GPA Configuration’s display format. To access the GPA configuration, complete the following steps:

  1. From the System homepage, click on the GPA Configuration query.
  2. Click in the numeric link in the ID field for the GPA configuration you're looking for. 

The value in the display format field typically looks like this: 0.00

While this field can technically contain other characters, if there is a quotation mark or apostrophe before the value, “0.00” or ‘0.00’ for example, this will cause GPAs to display as a 0. Removing any apostrophes or quotation marks should resolve this issue.

If you are still seeing a 0 as the calculated value after rectifying this issue, please submit a ticket with Veracross Support.

Do I have to add transfer transcript items one at a time?

No — Veracross has an Importer Tool and you can use the Transfer Grade Transcript Item Import Type to import many at the same time. This import template allows you to both update existing transfer transcript items and add new ones.

We highly advise that you review our documentation on the Transfer Grade Transcript Item Import Type so you can properly plot out your data in the csv file.

Do the Refresh and Confirm Filters procedures for an academic document record change any publishing statuses manually set for the documents listed in the "All Existing Records" list?

Any document publishing statuses that are manually updated in the "All Existing Records" list are NOT changed when you run the Refresh and Confirm Filters procedures.

For example, if the default publishing status is 'Not Published' and you manually update existing records to 'Unpublished', the records will keep this status after you run those procedures.

How does a Pass/Fail grade calculate into the cumulative GPA on the transcript?

If the "Include in GPA" column is checked, then that grade status is currently calculating toward student GPAs.

By coordinating with Veracross, you can determine how pass/fail grades calculate in GPAs on transcripts. The Grade Status query on the System homepage displays if a grade status is included in the GPA, if the status should earn credit and the GPA point credit that is received. If you want to set-up or change how Pass/Fail grades are calculated toward GPA for your school, please reach out through Veracross Support.

What controls the order of classes on a school-configurable academic document?

On a school-configurable academic document, the classes in a given section are sorted using the following in order:

  1. Subject sort key
  2. Course sort key
  3. Class name

How can I get started building an academic document?

If you have custom academic documents (such as your report card), you can start experimenting with school-configurable academic documents at any time. 

The Big Picture

The four steps are:

  1. Create a new document layout.
  2. Create a new academic document that uses that layout.
  3. Create personal academic document (PAD) records using the new document.
  4. Review and configure the layout. 

Step by Step

First, create a new document layout.

  1. On the Academic Document homepage, click "Academic Document" under "Add/Configure Layouts."
  2. On the "Academic Document" page, click "Add Record" to add a new layout.
  3. Name it whatever you want and give it an access name. Note that you cannot change the access name later.
    • The document layout is where you will set all of the 100+ options for the document, but there's no need to do that just yet. 

Now, go create the academic document that uses the layout you just created.

  1. On the Academic Document homepage, click "Add New Academic Document."
    • Description: Whatever you want the name to be. #tip use the word "testing" or similar; you can change it later
    • System Type: School Configurable
    • Status: "Draft" is fine (statuses are only for your internal workflows, so a "draft" document will still be visible and editable)
    • Document: "Academic Document"
    • Document Layout: choose the one you just created.
    • School Year and Grading Period: choose the appropriate values
  2. Click "Add Academic Document"

Now, you can create the personal academic document (PAD) records so you can get a first look at an actual document with information populated. 

  1. On the Academic Document homepage, click "Current Year Academic Documents."
  2. The new academic document you just created will be in the list. Click the description.
  3. Head to the Configuration tab under the Setup heading:
    • Click "Add Record..." and add a grade level filter (min. and max grades).
    • Ensure that the default publishing status for both portal is set to "Not Published."
    • Click "Update."
  4. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt) and run the "Refresh Filters" action. This creates the personal academic document (PAD) records. And don't worry, nothing is published or accessible in a portal.

Time to start reviewing and configuring!

  1. On the academic document record, click the Record Review tab and click the Document URL for any given student. This is what your new academic document looks like. Keep it open in a tab.
  2. On the academic document record, click back to the Setup>Configuration tab, then click to the document layout. Here is where you can edit the layout.
    • Keep both tabs open: the document layout editing screen in Axiom and an actual document.
    • Make an update in Axiom, then refresh the document.
    • Check out the documentation link on the layout screen as you have questions about the fields.

How do I batch print VC-configured custom documents?

To print a VC custom document one at a time or in batch:

  1. Navigate to the Documents homepage.
  2. Click the document you want to print, e.g., a schedule, progress report, transcript, or progress report. Clicking one of the links opens up the document browser in a new tab. 
  3. In the  document browser, click "Find Documents" to apply a different filter as needed.
  4. Click "Download All" to download the documents, which you can then open and print. 

To print school-configurable academic documents, start on the Academic Documents homepage. Read more.

An example of the Documents homepage in Axiom where you can download PDFs of custom Veracross-built documents. 

Can a school use the school configurable academic document for IB report cards?

At this time, school configurable academic documents are for Numeric & Qualitative graded report cards only.  IB grading is currently not supported by the school configurable academic documents.

To learn more about school-configured academic documents, please refer to the following documentation articles:

I tried publishing a student's report card, but when I impersonate the student or their parent there is no link to the document on their portal? What did I miss?

To troubleshoot a document that doesn't appear to have published properly, verify each of the workflow steps of our Academic Document Publishing Quickstart Guide. Things to look out for are:

  • Missing Category
  • Missing Report Title

If — after working through the Academic Document Publishing Quickstart Guide — you cannot figure out why it isn't publishing properly, please submit a ticket through our client support portal.

Can I configure the attendance document to show a student's attendance from the previous year?

Unfortunately, the attendance document will not be able to show this, as it only shows the attendance for the current academic year.

An alternative method to get this information is to create a query that shows the student's previous attendance from the previous years and export thery results to a csv file.

Can we make transcripts available on portals?

Generally, we do not advise making official transcripts widely available on portals for a couple reasons:

  • it’s a digital copy of the document and therefore can be easily manipulated
  • it’s a "live" document, so if you generate transcript items before you publish report cards, it’s possible to mistakenly pre-release grades since as soon as the transcript items exist they’ll show on the transcript document

However, if your school would like to make transcripts available on the student portal and/or the parent portal, it is possible. If you decide to do this, please submit a ticket on the client support portal so that your Account Manager can begin working with you on this project. Please also note that this is typically an extra-cost project (your account manager will provide a quote). Please be advised that only VC Custom documents can be made available on Portals at this time — school configurable documents cannot.

A workaround for this is batch-downloading transcripts and then uploading them as published student files once you've determined that they are ready to share.

Where does footer text display on the school-configurable academic document?

On the school-configurable transcript document, footer text displays on the bottom of the last page of the document and is center aligned. 

To learn more about school-configurable academic documents, please review our documentation.

Why isn't the grading period I want to post transcript grades for showing as an option?

If the grading period that you're trying to post transcript grades for is not showing up as an options — such as for "Final Grades" — perform the following steps:

  1. Beginning from the System homepage, click on the Grading Periods query
  2. Look for the "Post to Transcript" column and ensure it is checked.
    • If this flag is not checked, this grading period will not show as an option when you go to post transcript grades.
    •  For reference, the "ALL" grading period will allow you to post "Final Grades."
  3. Once you've checked Post to Transcript, click Update Records.
  4. If the gradign period is still not showing up as an option, please submit a ticket through the client support portal.

When I ran the Post Transcript Grades procedure, 0 records were affected. Why did it not work?

For transcript grades to post, the Report Card grades must be both posted and locked. To check and make sure they are all posted and locked, use the Find Posted Grades query on the System or School Level homepages. This query shows you all grade records for the current school year, so it is generally best to filter it for the school level and grading period in which you are looking to view grades for.

Additionally, you should double check that your Courses are correctly associated to a Transcript Course record. You can do this by going to the “Transcript Courses” tab of a Course record and ensuring there is a Transcript Course there. You can also check this by going to the Find Transcript Courses query from the System Homepage, and bringing in the “Course” field or “Internal Course ID” field and ensure that those fields are filled out, where the Internal Course ID field is where the connection between the records is built. If there is not a Course associated to the Transcript Course, you can get the Internal Course ID number from the Course List query in your system and update the records.

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Why can't users with the security role 'academic_document_reader' view report cards and transcripts?

The 'Academic_Document_Admin' and 'Academic_Document_Reader'  security roles grant permission to create and manage academic documents and layouts and to view these documents and layouts, respectively.

To have access to actual report cards, final grade summaries, and transcripts, the user needs one of the following security roles:

  • Division_Head_#
  • Grades_Reader
  • Guidance_1

Can we adjust the sort order for homerooms in the document browse tool?

Yes, you can adjust the sorting order for homerooms in the document browse tool by adjusting the Sort Key value for the homeroom's course in the Course List query on the System homepage.

Why does the change I made to the posted grade display on the report card but not the transcript?

The posted grade that displays on a report card comes from the grade record which is stored on the student's class enrollment record.  The posted grade that displays on the transcript is stored on the transcript item record and must be updated separately. Here are the steps to access transcript items and update the grade:

  1. Navigate to the Find Transcript query on the System homepage.
  2. Query on the student's name.
  3. Click 'View Detail'.
  4. Navigate to the Transcript Items tab.
  5. "Pop out" the transcript item you want to update.
  6. Set the necessary values and click Update.

Why is a class displaying twice on the transcript?

There are several reasons that can cause classes to display twice on the transcript but the likely issue and solution is described here. In every case, the best place to start when investigating this issue is the transcript items, as they are what actually display on the transcript document.

  1. From the Find Transcripts query on the System homepage, query the student, click View Detail and navigate to the  Transcript Items tab.
  2. Click the pop out icon to the right of each duplicate transcript item to open the record.
  3. Check to see if the transcript items are associated with different class enrollments.
  4. Navigate to the Schedule tab on the student record to match up transcript items as shown in the screenshot above.

Different enrollment ID's can indicate that a student has transferred between sections of a course. When grades are posted to the transcript from both enrollments, the class displays once for each. If you do not want the former class to display, it is important to ensure that the Exclude From Transcript field on the old class is toggled to "YES".

To display the grades from both enrollments on the same line on the transcript, here are the steps.

  1. Move the grades from the old class enrollment to the new class enrollment. You can do this manually or by using one of the procedures on the Action menu of the enrollment. See this article for more information on this process.
  2. Post the grades you just moved to the transcript so that a new transcript item is created that is associated with the new class enrollment.
  3. Delete the transcript item that is associated with the old class.

If after working through these steps your problem still isn't solved, please submit a ticket through our client support portal.

Why is there a big space after the header on my school configurable report card causing the first class to print on a second page?

On the Document Layout record, there is a parameter in the Class Detail Category section called 'Class Section Page Breaks'. The options for this parameter are as follows:

  • Always — inserts a page break before each enrollment
  • Sometimes — avoids page breaks inside of enrollment but will insert a page break if it will keep a class all on one page
  • Never — does not insert page breaks around enrollments

If you have the parameter set to Always, the most likely reason the first class is being pushed to a second page is due to the length of the individual class data included in the enrollment.

To fix this issue, either:

  • adjust the parameter setting to Never so that a page break is not inserted
  • adjust the length of the individual class data that is displayed on the document

On the school configurable report card, why won't the All/Final grading period display on the S2 report card?

Only posted grades for grading periods up to and including the reporting grading period on the academic document record can be displayed.

To check the reporting grading period on the report card:

  1. Navigate to the Current Year Academic Documents query on the Academic Documents homepage.
  2. Click the Academic Document ID for the report card you are investigating.
  3. On the Setup > Configuration tab, note the Grading Period value.

If you want to display the final grading period grade on a report card, we recommend you create a new academic document using the All grading period.

Why are classes that only run in the next grading period displaying on the school configurable report card for the current grading period?

On the Document Layout record, there is a Class Section Enrollments GP Specific parameter. This parameter is used in both of the following categories:

  • the Numeric Grades Table category
  • the Class Detail category

It is likely that if, for example, semester 2 classes are displaying on a semester 1 report card, you need to adjust the 'Class Section Enrollments GP Specific' parameter.

Here are the steps to locate this parameter and troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Navigate to the Academic Documents for Current Year query on the Academic Documents homepage.
  2. Locate the specific document and click the link in the Document Layout column.
  3. What you do next depends on what, exactly, you are troubleshooting:
    • If you are troubleshooting the numeric grades table, navigate to the Numeric Grades Table section and adjust the 'Class Section Enrollments GP Specific' parameter to '1'.
    • If you are troubleshooting the section which displays comments and qualitative grades by class, navigate to the Class Detail Section and adjust the 'Class Section Enrollments GP Specific' parameter to '1'.
  4. Click Update.

If this solution does not solve the issue, please submit a ticket to the client support portal.

Why won't comments from the previous grading period display on the current reporting period document on the school-configurable report card?

School-configurable report cards do not have the ability to display comments over multiple grading periods; they only display comments for the reporting period.

To see which reporting period the report card is configured for, navigate to the Academic Documents homepage.

  1. Navigate to the Current Year Academic Documents query.
  2. Click the Academic Document ID numbered link for the report card you want to check.
  3. On the Setup>Configuration tab, you will see the Grading Period field under the Configuration heading.

How can I adjust the Header Introduction Text on a school-configurable academic document layout so that different text displays on report cards for each grading period?

To configure the document layout record to display Header Introduction Text on the academic document:

  1. Set the Show Introduction Text parameter to "1".

  1. Enter your custom introduction text on the Content tab.

If you would like to display different Header Introduction Text for each term, you will need to create a new document layout record and associate it to the applicable academic document.
For example, if you are displaying different Header Introduction Text on the Semester 1 and Semester 2, you will need two separate document layout records, one for each semester.

You can read our School-Configurable "Academic Document" Document for more information.

How do I display Introduction Text on a school configurable academic document?

To display Header Introduction Text on an academic document:

  1. Set the Show Introduction Text parameter to "1."

  2. Enter your Introduction text on the Content tab.

Can engineering change over the document layout of a previously-existing academic document?

Yes, but please note that this will update all reports that are associated with that document configuration, regardless of publishing status.

To request this, please submit a ticket through our client support portal.