A parent was charged an incorrect amount for their current year program registration. Why did this happen?

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It is likely because the 'paid' prior year program registration amounts impacted the current year program registration amount billed, and that happened because the Registration Open date on the program registration, reflects the prior year (old) date.

To remedy this, your need to put in place the practice of updating the Program Registration Config > Registration Opens to accurately reflect the current year registration open date for the program.  Adopting this practice at your school will help to avoid this scenario from happening again.The system uses the following logic to create Program Registration Checkout Receipt > Checkout Receipt Items:

  • The start date of the given Program Registration Config
  • The charge date on the Person Charge Item (PCI), which is created from the given Program for students who are legal-custody children of the logged-in payor

PCI charge dates are set from the following logic: if not specified as "Charge Item Date" on the Program Config, the PCI charge date is set as the Program Class's start date.